On average women menstruate for approximately 40 years for 5 days a month. This is the equivalent of 2400 days over their lifetime or 10,000-12,000 sanitary products! This is not to mention liners and other products used in between periods. With 50% of the population requiring sanitary products, I’m sure you can do the math – it is a lot of waste if using one-use products! The issue is exacerbated by the fact that they take hundreds of years to break down. This is why many people are now opting for reusable products.

The advantages of disposable sanitary pads

Let's face it: there can be a lot of mess and hassle associated with periods, so it's understandable why disposable sanitary pads are a popular choice for many people. They're convenient - you can pick them up anywhere and throw them away once you're done, minimizing the amount of work you have to do.

The advantages of reusable sanitary pads

But the advantages of reusable sanitary pads are hard to look past! They're much better for the environment - unlike disposables which generate a lot of waste, reusables can be washed and reused as often as need be. They tend to be a bit more comfortable than disposables on sensitive skin, making them a great option if you suffer from sensitivities. They can also save you a lot of money by reducing ongoing expenses! They are also super user-friendly!


The washing is the factor that tends to turn people off using reusable pads but it is actually much simpler than you’d expect! They simply need to be rinsed thoroughly before adding them to general laundry! You can even do this in the shower. If you are simply using them as a liner in between periods, you can just throw them in.

Starting simple can be a great option if you’re not ready to fully commit. Replacing disposable liners or using them for light flow days can help you to gain confidence using them. You may find them super easy and be ready to up your game!

There are so many benefits to using reusable sanitary pads and they are much simpler to manage than you may expect. By introducing them slowly, you may discover why so many others are now opting for reusable sanitary pads!


March 28, 2023 — Adelle Heard