Convenient & practical, pocket cloth nappies take the win!

When starting out with cloth nappies, you may be confused by the different styles of nappies, and which will best suit you. While this comes down to personal preference, here we will share why pocket cloth nappies are our favourite, striking the perfect balance between convenience and practicality.

Types of cloth nappies:

Pocket nappy: the insert is stuffed into a pouch in the nappy shell
AI2 (all-in-2): insert is snapped into place
AI1 (all-in-1): insert is attached to shell permanently
Flats: squares that require folding to fit a baby and use a waterproof cover over the top of

Here are the reasons why pocket nappies are our favourite!

1. Inserts stay in place! As the insert is secured inside the pocket, the insert does not get displaced if you have a wriggly baby or toddler during changes. Inserts secured at just one point may get displaced and cause leaks and frustration.

2. You can rotate inserts! Shells dry super-fast and if line drying, you'll often be left waiting for inserts to dry to use your nappies again. When the insert is a separate item, you can rotate inserts so you can use your nappies again sooner.

3. The shell pocket is made of a stay-dry material. This means that your baby's bottom feels comfortable and isn't up against a wet insert.

4. Easy to use. Once the insert is stuffed, they are as close as it gets to disposable-style nappies. No folding is required, so they are super quick to fit on a child.

5. They are versatile! You can always place the insert on top of the shell for AI2 style if you prefer.

6. When your baby has pooed, you can often just pull the insert out and rinse only the shell.

Pocket nappies are overall the most convenient nappy for fitting on a child and most practical to wash and dry, making them our #1 favourite nappy style.

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December 13, 2022 — Adelle Heard