For new mothers, it is an amazing feeling to get out of house with your new bundle of joy with confidence. However, you never know when something might just trigger a let-down, leaving you wet and uncomfortable. Breastfeeding is a wonderful gift, but it is nice to feel confident that you are well protected from the unexpected wet patches. Reusable breast pads are comfortable, convenient, sustainable, budget-friendly, and easily manageable as an alternative to disposable breast pads.


When it comes to convenience, you'd be hard-pressed to find an easier product than reusable breast pads. They are easily slipped into your bra, have superior absorbency, and are incredibly easy to wash! They can be simply added to general laundry in a wash bag.


In terms of comfort, there's no beating the softness and breathability of quality reusable breast pads. Unlike disposables, cloth breast pads are made from natural materials (such as bamboo and cotton) that are gentle on sensitive skin. Disposables can often feel scratchy due to the plastic edge and cause irritation due to the chemicals used. The waterproof barrier is a breathable fabric that allows nipples to breathe which can be particularly helpful when dealing with cracked damaged nipples.

Save Money

When compared with disposable products, reusable breast pads win in terms of cost-effectiveness hands down. They can be reused time and time again saving you significant costs long-term.


Reducing one-use products is a great way to reduce your environmental impact. Reusable breast pads reduce waste in landfills and the amount of plastic and chemicals circulating.

All in all, if you're looking for a convenient yet comfortable way to manage leaky breasts during your breastfeeding journey, reusable breast pads are a must!


March 27, 2023 — Adelle Heard