Cloth nappies are becoming increasingly popular due to their environmental, economical and skin-friendly benefits – but when is the right age to start using them? Let's address some of the common factors that determine parents’ choices.

Will I need to buy different nappies for every age and stage?

Our cloth nappies are one-size-fits-most meaning they can be adjusted to fit from birth until potty training for most babies. This allows parents to use the same nappies through their entire diapering journey without additional costs. Parents can reap the benefits of cloth nappies immediately if they choose to. Of course, they can look a little big on tiny little newborns, but babies grow incredibly fast at the beginning.

Should I wait until they are pooing less?

Newborns can poo quite often which may discourage some parents from beginning cloth nappies early on, however, breastfed baby poo is often just coloured liquid that doesn’t need rinsing, making it a super simple process to clean as they get thrown directly into a prewash. Once your baby’s poo is chunkier or they start solids, this is when rinsing poo off is essential.

Is it best to allow time to settle into parenthood?

Some parents choose to begin cloth nappies after a few weeks or months once they have settled into parenthood. Becoming a parent is a huge adjustment and if you need some time to get your head around it, that is ok!

If you are determined to begin cloth nappies from the get-go, we recommend having everything organised and ready to go before your baby arrives. Buying nappies and dry pails and learning how to wash cloth nappies before the baby comes means that you can avoid any overwhelm that can come from trying something new. If you need help getting started, let us know!

Is it worth it to start younger?

Starting as early as possible allows you to save money, reduce your environmental impact, and enjoy the gentle nature of cloth nappies on your baby’s delicate little bottom sooner.

There is no perfect age to begin using cloth nappies as this decision varies for every parent. Starting cloth nappies as soon as you feel ready means that you can enjoy their benefits sooner too! Having everything organised and ready to go can make it much easier to begin cloth nappies when you are ready. Beginning with just a couple of cloth nappies a day can be a great way to ease into it. This can help you gain your confidence and trust in cloth nappies before you gradually increase the amount you use them.

March 20, 2023 — Adelle Heard