Council rebate information

Can you believe it....?!?

With the intention of improving sustainability and reducing waste many local councils are now giving families rebates for purchasing sustainable items such as cloth nappies, swim nappies, period panties, wet/dry bags, reusable wipes. reusable breast pads and so on. 

The rebates vary however tend to be around 50% of the total price of the order or a maximum of $100. 

Follow the links to make the most of your local rebate: 

Cloth Nappy Bundles

The following councils provide rebates:

New South Wales:


South Australia:


We are currently discussing the implementation of a Cloth Nappy Rebate with with City of Yarra Council. 

Western Australia: 

If you know of another council that provides rebates that is not listed here, please let us know via Instagram at 

The above information has been sourced from Google and Blog, The Rogue Ginger. She is amazing, we recommend that you give her a read!