Frequently Asked Questions FAQ's

When you start looking into cloth nappies, the information can be sooooo... overwhelming. You may see terms like Ai1, Ai2, Night time nappies blah blah blah... We are here to reassure you that it is actually really simple! At the end of the day, it is a nappy... it absorbs poops and pees. 

The following are a list of our most frequently asked questions. 

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What do I need? A nappy shell and an insert. 

What is the 'nappy shell'? The outer waterproof nappy with the cute design. 

What are 'inserts'? The absorbent layer of the nappy.

  • We sell two different inserts. A 4 layer bamboo insert and a 3 layer hemp insert. 
  • Further information regarding layering and absorbency can be found here.

What do I do with the insert?  Pop it in the pocket of the nappy shell or place between bub and the nappy shell. 

What about at night? You may want to 'boost' the nappy with a second insert. We recommend two bamboo inserts for night use however the absorbency needs will depend on your bub and how wet they get. 

What is a 'liner'? Liners are a thin biodegradable material which is placed between bub and the nappy shell. They are recommended to reduce nappy changes, to keep the nappy shell cleaner longer and to preserve the nappy shell for longer overall use.

  • Are they flushable? A&P sell 100% biodegradable liners that degrade in sewage in 10-16 days however it is acknowledged that there is no specific advice available regarding whether liners can/ should be flushed. 

What size do I need? To make things easy, we only sell birth to potty nappies. This means that they should fit most babies from the time that they are born, right through to potty training. There are adjustable snaps which make the nappy super little and you can make them bigger as bub grows. 

Are there specific washing instructions?  A&P recommend that parents use the washing advice provided by Clean Cloth Nappies (CCN) group. Click HERE to access their washing advice.

What do I do once there has been a wee?
If you have used the insert between bub and the shell: If it is dry and clean you can replace the insert with a clean one can keep using the shell. Follow washing instructions here. 

If the insert was in the pocket: Change the insert and the shell and follow the washing instructions here. 

What about a poop? Follow the same instructions as with a wee wee. If bub is on solids, we recommend using a liner. This way it will catch the solid poop and you can flick it off into the toilet, replace the liner and follow the insert/ shell instructions above. 

Are A&P Cloth Nappies made in Australia? A&P is Australian company. The products are all ethically sourced from overseas manufacturers. 

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