Are cloth nappies cheaper? 

Absolutely! Did you know that disposable nappies cost parents on average $3k-$5k per child whereas we sell enough cloth nappies from birth to potty training for under $700! This means that even if you only use cloth nappies half of the time, you will still save thousands of dollars.
When you add the costs for detergent, and washing machine running costs, it is approximately $100 a year, so still significantly cheaper.


Are they better for the environment?

YUP! Aussies dispose of around 3.3 billion disposable nappies a year! These nappies take up to 500 years to decompose! That means every disposable ever used is still rotting away in our landfill! 
Disposables are made with chemicals and toxins that are released into the environment. They also require significantly more resources such as raw materials and energy to produce than cloth nappies.


What do I need? 

  • A nappy shell and an insert
  • Wet Bags for when you are out
  • Change mat
  • 2 baskets to store dirty nappies
  • Additional inserts for night-time use and for rotation


What is the 'nappy shell'? 

The outer waterproof layer.


What are 'inserts'? 

The absorbent layer of the nappy that is placed in the pocket.


What do I do with the insert?  

Pop it in the pocket of the nappy shell or place it between bub and the nappy shell. 


How many inserts do I need to use?

This is dependent on your baby. For light to standard wetting and regular changing, we recommend 1 insert for daytime use and 2 inserts for night-time use.
If your baby is soaking inserts, you may like to add an extra insert. The benefit of adding inserts is that they are less likely to soak through them, however with each added insert, the nappy will become bulkier.


What about at night? 

Alice & Patrick nappies are excellent nappies for night use. We recommend 2 inserts for night use.


What is a 'liner'? 

Liners are a thin biodegradable material that is placed between your baby and the nappy shell. They simplify nappy changes and washing and help to preserve the nappy shell for longer overall use.
A&P sell 100% biodegradable liners that degrade in sewage in 10-16 days however it is acknowledged that there is no specific advice available regarding whether liners can/ should be flushed. 


What size do I need? 

Our nappies are one-size-fits-most and can be adjusted to fit from birth to potty training.


How many do I need? 

For full-time use for one child, we recommend 30 nappies. You may wish to begin with 5-10 for substituting a few nappies per day while you get the hang of it and add to your stash once you establish a routine.
See our part-time and full-time bundles to save money when buying in bulk.
It is a good idea to have extra inserts too. You will go through inserts quicker than nappies. 


How do you wash cloth nappies?  

Put simply you need to wash your nappies twice but check out our washing guide for all the details to get the best clean.


What are the different types of cloth nappies?

Pocket nappy: the insert is stuffed into a pouch in the nappy shell
AI2 (all-in-2): insert is snapped into place
AI1 (all-in-1): insert is attached to shell permanently
Flats: squares that require folding to fit a baby and use a waterproof cover over the top of

A&P nappies are pocket nappies. Read why pocket nappies are our favourite nappy style here.

Are A&P Cloth Nappies made in Australia? 

A&P is an Australian company. The products are designed in Melbourne and ethically sourced from overseas manufacturers.