Swim nappies (how to use and fit the nappy)

Once you have a dedicated swim nappy you will never go back. Disposables or normal cloth nappies get so heavy when they absorb the water and can cause skin irritation. 

The swim nappy has a PUL exterior shell with a really soft mesh interior that is comfy against bubs skin. 

The mesh holds in poop while the PUL provides a level of leak protection. 

We recommend that you put an insert in the swim nappy on the way too/ from the water or when hanging around to absorb any wee so that there are no accidents. 

Our nappies have heaps of snaps to adjust the size. This means that you only have to buy them once as they will fit bub from birth through to potty training. 

Fit directions below! 


Sizing the swim nappy for the perfect fit