Swim ready packing ideas

Whether it is a trip to the beach or starting swimming lessons, introducing your little one to the water is such an amazing and special experience!

We have really taken advantage of the Melbourne summer, heading to the beach and the pool as much as possible. I must admit, to begin with, it was a bit of a stressful experience learning what to take with us and messing around with changing Paddy before and after.

After much trial and error, we have worked out a great way to pack everything we need without the hassle.

Packing tips

Have a designated swim bag. This means that you can keep all of the swimming items together so that you can grab and go you are not stressfully searching for everything you need.

Pack the night before your trip so that you can just grab and go.

Dress for the activity and get ready before you go.

  • Put your bathers on under a dress or comfy outfit so that you can easily get swim ready when you arrive.
  • Wear something that you are happy to head home in.
  • Put bub in their bathers and swim nappy before you go. (Hot tip) chuck an insert in the swim nappy in case they have a wee on the way there.

Avoid over packing 
It is tempting to prepare for everything but that can cause more trouble than it is worth. In your first few trips work out exactly what you need otherwise have a squiz at our packing advice below.

Packing for baby to go swimming

What to pack

Indoor pool:
- Swim nappy
- Bathers as required
- Towel
- Change mat
- Change of clothes
- Nappy for afterward

If required:
- Goggles/ floaties as required
- Thongs/ sandals
- Snack/ bottle/ water depending on the length of trip
- Pool pass if you have one

Outdoor pool/ beach:
Same as the pool but also including:
- Sunscreen
- Hat
- Shade (tent/ umbrella)
- Bathers as required.

How we can help

To make things easy, we have popped together a Swim essentials pack including:

Swim essentials pack. Swim nappy, change mat, wet to dry bag

Click the image above to see the Swim essentials pack

A wet/bag is a water-resistant material with two pockets, designed to let you separate the wet and dirty from the clean and dry. 

A change mat is great for changing bub before and after a swim and can also work as a bit of a towel too. 

A swim nappy is revolutionary! It is a lightweight material with a soft mesh inner lining, designed to catch poops but also stay super light while bub is swimming. It also has adjustable sizing so you won’t have to buy more as bub grows.

We even organised a sneaky little discount haha!