Troubleshooting Cloth Nappy Leaks, Alice and Patrick A&P

Some common reasons cloth nappies leak and how to fix them.

Are your modern cloth nappies leaking? This can be super frustrating if you can’t figure out the problem. Don’t give up yet! Often some simple adjustments can make all the difference and ensure you love your cloth nappies again!


Is the insert saturated when you change your baby? If yes, your baby may be a heavy wetter and you simply need to increase the absorbency of the nappy. Add another insert or booster or change your baby more frequently.

Nappy Fit

If the nappy is not fitted correctly, it can leave gaps that prevent proper containment. Check out our fitting guide.

  • Run a finger around the leg seal. The nappy should be secured against the skin without any gaping but not uncomfortably tight. If it is too loose, tighten rise snaps and/or waist snaps.
  • Check inserts are lying flat and not bunched.
  • Ensure external gussets are pushed in to sit in the crease between the leg and groin.
  • Push any loose material at the leg seal under the wing.


Very old, second-hand, or poorly cared for nappies may have damage to their waterproof outer layer allowing liquid to escape through cracks.

Accumulation of products

Nappy creams and fabric softeners can build up and reduce the absorbency of your nappies. Avoid softeners and use nappy liners when using nappy cream.

Compression leaks

This is a common problem with inserts that use microfibre material. When they are compressed, the pressure squeezes the liquid out in a similar way to a sponge. It will often occur in the car seat or baby carrier.

NOTE: A&P nappies use bamboo or hemp inserts and this is not a common problem

Tummy leaks

This is more common with tummy sleepers. Add an insert folded over and bring it to the front of the nappy. This will add absorbency where it is needed and close any gaps at the front.

Up the back explosions

Make sure the back of the nappy sits above the bum crack. If the nappy is too tight against the skin, there will be no room for poo, and it will escape wherever it can. It may help to loosen rise snaps slightly to sit the back of the nappy slightly higher.


If you are still having issues with your nappies, please reach out! We would be very happy to assist you further.