Washing Cloth Nappies

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Before use

Wash the nappies before first use

Before using your nappies for the first time it is recommended that you give them a wash to increase the absorbency. One wash at 40-60 degrees using your choice of detergent will do it. 

After use

Remove soiling and rinse 

Wipe off excess poopies and/or empty solids into the toilet. Remove the insert and rinse the nappy and inserts in cold water. Wring out and leave in a dry ventilated area before washing.

Pre-wash within 1-2 days of use 

Pre-wash a minimum 1-2 days of use for hygiene & stain reduction purposes. Pre-wash with detergent at 40-60 degrees. Put somewhere to dry if you are not doing a main wash straight away.

Main wash within 1-3 days

Wash with detergent at 40-60 degrees. It is best to wash nappies and inserts on their own especially if they are looking dirty after a pre-wash. For best results complete the main wash after the pre-wash.


Airdry outside or inside in a well ventilated area or use a dryer. Stretching the inserts while they are wet can help to reduce them shrinking and/or crinkling before drying. You can also iron the inserts after drying. Do not iron the shells, steam only.
This information was created by the Cloth nappy cleaning experts at Clean Cloth Nappies. For further assistance please head to https://cleanclothnappies.com/