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Being a mumma is an absolutely amazing experience.. milk leaks all over your clothes are not one of those. Whether you are breast feeding or hope to be soon, reusable breast pads are a fantastic alternative to disposables. 

Some of the benefits of our design: 

Alice&Patrick breast pads are quick to dry and stay soft wash after wash reducing the risk of infection or irritation. They hold an amazing amount of milk which means no embarrassing leaks and for our customers. 

Some more benefits:

  • You can cool them in the fridge to ease sore nipples. 
  • They are easy to clean. 
  • You can swim and work out in them. 
  • They will not make a sound during movement. 
  • Of course, being reusable they are far better on the environment.  


  • Access to online resources, product photos, use/washing brochure.
Minimum order quantities:
  • Retailers will receive 50% off RRP of all Alice&Patrick products (excluding shipping)
  • 5x per unit/design as listed
  • Minimum order quantities apply
    • $600AUD minimum order for brick-and-mortar stores
    • $1000AUD minimum order for online stores
  • We reserve the right to change our prices (this does not apply to confirmed orders)

Why these minimums- Justifying 50% off and fairness to our customers. If you would like to purchase less, you could shop through our store receiving the volume buy discounts. 

  • 12cm circumference 
  • PUL exterior, White valour interior.