Nappy Liners (100 sheets)

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In these crazy times, nappy liners are an absolute life saver! Organic, biodegradable and sustainable, nappy liners are a great way to, avoid leaks/poop explosions, increase the life of your nappies and reduce nappy shell changes. 

Simply place the liner on the top of the nappy between the nappy and bub's little botbot! The liners will catch poops and absorb wee's meaning that you can either lift off the liner after a poop or keep bub dryer for longer. 

Are they flushable?

A&P sell 100% biodegradable liners which are proven to degrade in sewage in 10-16 days however it is acknowledged that there is no specific advice available regarding whether liners can/ should be flushed. 

  • 100 sheets 
  • Biodegradable bamboo material