Mamma Care Pack

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The Mumma Care Pack has been created to help Mumma's get ready with what they need for hospital/ birth or just feel pretty and comfy post birth. This is a great option to treat yourself or to buy for an expectant mum.

The pack includes: 

A Wet/ dry bag perfect for separating your valuables/ clean items from  your dirty/ wet items. It comes in handy for Mum and Bub as a hospital bag, nappy bag, swim bag and later for the little one to take to school.

6x Reusable breast pads (3 sets) that have a water proof outer shell to protect you against embarrassing milk leaks on clothing and a soft valour internal material which stays silky soft even after they are covered in milk and washed. 

2x Reusable sanitary pads great for pre and post birth to keep you feeling comfortable and dry. These are suitable for use after water has broken, post birth (in line with medical advice) and for ongoing daily or menstrual use. They have a waterproof outer layer and a soft/ absorbent charcoal bamboo interior lining (looks brown in the picture but is a charcoal grey). 


Wet dry bag with two pockets. PUL exterior. 
6x Reusable Breast pads 12cm circumference. PUL Exterior, Valour Interior. 
2x (optional extras) Reusable Sanitary pads. PUL Exterior, Charcoal Bamboo Interior. 18cm (W) by 25cm (L).