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While caring for a tiny human, there are so many times where you are desperate for a clean, soft surface for your bub. 

They are perfect for: 

  • Nappy change time 
  • Tummy time 
  • Playing
  • Picnics/ at the park 
  • At the beach. 

Some of the benefits are: 

  • Not too big, not too little... justttt right 
  • Soft and double layered for comfort
  • A water resistant external layer great for catching wee or spit up 
  • The material is quick to dry which is great while you are on the go
  • It can be folded up to fit easily into your bag 
  • The handle allows you to snap it on to the pram for on the go.
Pre-Order terms

Pre-Order items are currently being created and are due to be shipped to you by mid December. Orders consisting of both general and pre-order products will be sent together unless customers choose the shipping option to send them separately (shipping costs may occur). 

 If unforeseen delays occur we will email you to let you know. (It is not recommended that you buy these for Christmas prezzies... JUSTTTT IN CASE something goes wrong and they are delayed. 

  • 50cm W, 70cm (L)
  • Double layer 
  • PUL exterior shell, White velvet interior.