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As a mumma you may find yourself reaching for the pads/liners more than ever due to post natal bleeding, periods or what I like to call the sneeze wees. 

Unfortunately, like disposable nappies, disposable pads and liners are typically non-biodegradable making them an absolute shocker to the environment. They also do not allow your lady parts to breathe reducing healing and increasing the risk of infection. 

A reusable pad will provide you with an environmentally friendly way to keep dry and comfy without feeling like you are constantly relying on disposable options. 

Some of the benefits of our design: 

  • Our quick dry material will keep you feeling dry.
  • They are super soft on the lady parts. 
  • The material means that there are crunchy, swishy pad sounds while you are wearing them. 
  • The material allows your lady parts to breathe.
  • They do not smell the way that disposables do. 
  • The charcoal material will keep the pad looking fresher longer.
  • Reusable and environmentally friendly. 
  • Easy to clean. 

Pre-Order terms

Pre-Order items are currently being created and are due to be shipped to you by mid December. Orders consisting of both general and pre-order products will be sent together unless customers choose the shipping option to send them separately (shipping costs may occur). 

 If unforeseen delays occur we will email you to let you know. (It is not recommended that you buy these for Christmas prezzies... JUSTTTT IN CASE something goes wrong and they are delayed. 


  • Charcoal bamboo (interior) and PUL (exterior).