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 With a reusable swim nappy, customers will no longer need to fear a 'code brown' situation at the pool or having your tiny human weighed down by a thick disposable.

Our swim nappies are perfect for: 

  • Swimming lessons. 
  • Pools/ spas.
  • The beach.
  • Bath time.  

The benefits of our design: 

  • Generous fit for longer wear. 
  • Adjustable sizing.
  • Light weight meaning that bub will not be weighed down.
  • Inner mesh to catch poopies. 
  • Thin to fit under bathers. 


  • Access to online resources, product photos, use/washing brochure.

Retail options

  • RRP $18.95
  • Recommend selling in packs of 2 with a slight discount
  • Consider pairing with a wet/dry bag and change mat
Minimum order quantities:
  • Retailers will receive 50% off RRP of all Alice&Patrick products (excluding shipping)
  • 10x per unit/design as listed
  • Minimum order quantities apply
    • $600AUD minimum order for brick-and-mortar stores
    • $1000AUD minimum order for online stores
  • We reserve the right to change our prices (this does not apply to confirmed orders)

Why these minimums- Justifying 50% off and fairness to our customers. If you would like to purchase less, you could shop through our store receiving the volume buy discounts. 



  • Sizing information: Birth to potty (BTP) 3kg -15kg or newborn - two years.
  • Material: Outer layer: Waterproof PUL. Inner layer: White mesh
  • A&P products Australian designed and owned!