Custom (Discount) Cloth Nappy Packs

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Choose 5 or more of your favourite nappies to create your custom bundle. 

In addition to our already comfortable, soft and durable design, have made even more improvements to our cloth nappy range which include a tummy panel for comfort, external gussets for ULTIMATE leak protection and an extra line of snaps for even more size options. 

These patterns have been created by female graphic designers all over the world and guess what... some of these are my (Kate's) creations. Colours may vary from what is seen here. 

Please note that Mother Nature, Terrazzo and Mystic maze nappies are nappies from previous seasons. Snap colours and materials may vary and will be different to 2022 stock. 

Each cloth nappy includes 1x 4 layer bamboo insert. 

We recommend the following amounts depending on how you plan to use your nappies. 

Trialling/ starting out: 5- 10 

Part time: 15-20 

Full time: 25-30 

Please ensure that you read the Pre-order terms before ordering pre-order items. 

Pre-Order terms

Pre-Order items are currently being created and are due to be shipped to you in January. Orders consisting of both general and pre-order products will be sent together unless customers choose the shipping option to send them separately (shipping costs may occur). If unforeseen delays occur we will email you to let you know. 

Please note that the snaps in the photos may differ slightly to what is presented. The photos are the prototypes. The snap formation that you will receive is as follows: 

  • Sizing information: Birth to potty (BTP) 3kg -15kg or newborn - two years.
  • Nappy style: Pocket nappy
  • Material:
  • Outer layer: Waterproof PUL
  • Inner layer: White suede
  • Inserts: 4 layer 100% bamboo
  • A&P Cloth Nappies are Australian designed and owned!