Swim essentials pack

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Omgosh! Getting your bub into swimming is SUCH an exciting experience but it can be a big hassle to get ready and organised. With this in mind, we put together the Swim essentials pack. 

The pack is designed to help you easily pack and organise everything bub needs to be not just water ready but have a nice relaxing travel home when they are pooped from all of that splashing! 

The pack includes, a wet/ dry bag, a change mat and a swim nappy!

The wet/bag is a water resistant material with two pockets, designed to let you separate the wet and dirty from the clean and dry. 

The change mat is great for changing bub before and after a swim and can also work as a bit of a towel too. 

The swim nappy is revolutionary! It is a lightweight material with a soft mesh inner lining, designed to catch poops but also stay super light while bub is swimming. It also has adjustable sizing so you wont have to buy more as bub grows.

Click here- Packing for swimming without the stress! 


  • Nappy sizing information: Birth to potty (BTP) 3kg -15kg or new born - two years.
  • Change mat size: 50cm W, 70cm (L).
  • Bag size: 30cm W 40cm L.
  • Material: Outer layer: Waterproof PUL.
    Nappy inner lining:  White mesh. 
  • A&P products Australian designed and owned!