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We have designed our nappies for ultimate comfort, absorbency and durability. They include an extra line of snaps for increased sizing options, a tummy panel for comfort and external gussets for leak protection.

These patterns have been created by female graphic designers all over the world and guess what... some of these are my (Kate's) creations. Colours may vary slightly from what is seen here.


  • 1x 4 layer bamboo insert. 
  • FREE access to online resources, product photos, use/washing brochure.

Retail sales options: 

  • $24 shell only/ no insert
  • $31.50 with 1x insert (daytime nappy)
  • $34.99 with 2x inserts (night-time nappy)
  • Recommend creating packs of 5x nappies (part time) 5% off and 30x nappies (full time) 25% off. 
  • Note that RRP prices must not be less than the RRP above. Any price reduction must be in line with a formal sale and marked as such. 

Product out of stock? Contact us via email contact@aliceandpatrick.com or for a quick response on Instagram aliceandpatrick.boutique to discuss whether we can order more. 

Minimum order quantities
  • Retailers will receive 50% off RRP of all Alice&Patrick products (excluding shipping)
  • Minimum order quantities apply
  • Minimum of 10x unit/product 
  • $600AUD minimum order for brick-and-mortar stores
  • $1000AUD minimum order for online stores
  • We reserve the right to change our prices (this does not apply to confirmed orders)

Why these minimums- Justifying 50% off and fairness to our customers. If you would like to purchase less, you could shop through our store receiving the volume buy discounts. 

  • Sizing information: Birth to potty (BTP) 3kg -15kg or newborn - two years.
  • Nappy style: Pocket nappy
  • Outer layer: Waterproof PUL
  • Inner layer: White suede
  • Inserts: 4 layer 100% bamboo
  • A&P Cloth Nappies are Australian designed and owned!