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A reusable pads will provide customers with an environmentally friendly way to keep your bits dry and comfy without feeling like you are constantly relying on disposable options. 

Some of the benefits of our design: 

  • Our quick dry material will keep you feeling dry.
  • They are super soft on the lady parts. 
  • The material means that there are no crackly, swishy pad sounds while you are wearing them. 
  • The material allows your lady parts to breathe.
  • They do not smell the way that disposables do
  • The charcoal material will keep the pad looking fresher longer.
  • Reusable and environmentally friendly. 
  • Easy to clean. (See cleaning instructions here).


    • Access to online resources, product photos, use/washing brochure.

    Retail options:

    • RRP $7.50 
    • Recommended bundling them in packs of 2-7 
    Minimum order quantities:
    • Retailers will receive 50% off RRP of all Alice&Patrick products (excluding shipping)
    • 20x pairs total
    • Minimum order quantities apply
      • $600AUD minimum order for brick-and-mortar stores
      • $1000AUD minimum order for online stores
    • We reserve the right to change our prices (this does not apply to confirmed orders)

    Why these minimums- Justifying 50% off and fairness to our customers. If you would like to purchase less, you could shop through our store receiving the volume buy discounts. 


    • 18cm (W) 25cm (L)
    • Charcoal bamboo (interior is charcoal grey although looks brown in the photo) and PUL (exterior).