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These beautifully designed Wet/dry bags are a great addition to any Mumma’s collection of sanity savers. 

There are a wide range of uses for the wet/dry bag however they are most commonly used as a change bag or a swimming bag. The separate waterproof pockets mean that you can separate the stinkables or wet items from your other valuables. 

Simply pop the bag with the items into the washing machine after use along with dirty/ wet items. (Make sure that you follow the washing instructions for pocket nappies). 


  • Access to online resources, product photos, use/washing brochure.

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  • Material: Waterproof PUL
  • Size: Medium 30cm wide, 40cm tall. 1
  • Specifications: Two waterproof pockets to separate dirty from clean items. 
  • Fits: Multiple nappies, inserts, clothing, lunch boxes, swimming attire