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From the people
From the people
LOVE them!!! Really like the size, thickness and dark fabric on the crotch - don’t have to worry about scrubbing stains. Deff better then the other brands I’ve tried, and better price too! Thanks! I love supporting small businesses!
— Camille
Alice and Patrick Reusable Sanitary Pads
From the people
I’m absolutely loving them. I’ve been using them since she was 4 weeks old I love everything about them :) I even find it cute when they’re all on the line 😂
— Jess C
Alice and Patrick Modern Cloth Nappies Summer Yellow Stripe
From the people
These inserts are really good. I find them super thirsty. When I run out of clean A&P nappies I use these inserts with other brands just to make them bearable!
— Jemma D
Alice and Patrick Modern Cloth Nappies Bamboo Inserts

Fitting Nappies

Find all the information you need to confidently fit cloth nappies for a neat, leak-proof nappy.

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Why Choose Cloth?

Did you know that using cloth nappies can reduce landfill and save you money? Find out the facts about how beneficial cloth nappies can be for your family here.