Washing Sanitary Pads

Note* If you are using cloth nappies. You can apply the same washing routine to your pads and put them in the same wash. 

Recommended* rinse after use

Although it is not a requirement, we recommend rinsing the sanitary pad with cold water (and soap if you wish). Rinsing with cold water will avoid setting stains. 

Wring the pad out so that it is no longer dripping and and put it somewhere to dry if you plan to wait before washing it.  

Wash within 1-2 days of use

If you have not rinsed the sanitary pad it is recommended that you wash them with laundry detergent. This can be in cold or hot water however cold water is recommended to avoid stains. This should keep the pad sanitary, increase the life and quality of the pad. 

If you have rinsed/ dried it, you can wait for up to 2 days to put them in the wash. 


Airdry outside or place in the dryer. Choose your adventure haha.