Our Story

Alice and Patrick Boutique is a family business run from our home in the beautiful Dandenong ranges, east of Melbourne. We are a family of 4 + doggo, including Jack, Adelle, Bonnie, Thea, and Groot.

We began our cloth nappy journey while pregnant with Bonnie at the start of 2020. After hearing a few scary facts about the impact of disposable nappies, we wanted to reduce our environmental and financial impact by using cloth nappies.

We love the outdoors and try to go camping, hiking, and snowboarding as much as we can. Although these trips are limited now with two young kids, we love knowing that our choices are contributing to a healthier planet that our girls can enjoy in the future as much as we have!

Mid-2022 we were presented with the incredible opportunity to run Alice & Patrick. We fell in love with the idea of selling products we love and trust and supporting a cause we are passionate about.


Our Goal
To help others fall in love with sustainable baby products as much as we did and to inspire and empower parents with useful and straightforward information.

We want to encourage more people to choose reusable, more of the time, rather than perfection!